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Kenya - Just the sound. More than a word. More than a country.

More than hundreds of words cannot describe it - but one particular name makes most Danes say, oh yea! It's the name of Karen Blixen! The Danish author's stories about her life and adventures in Africa and particularly in Kenya, is reminiscent for most Danes - especially the way the stories were portrayed in the movie Out Of Africa, starring Meryl Streep as the Danish woman with the great ability to tell.


The country has not become less attractive since Karen Blixen went ashore in Mombasa and took the train to Nairobi.

Kenya is still a country with incredible scenery, a fainting view and a fauna ranging from small colourful butterflies, hardworking weaverbirds to zebras, antelopes and elephants.

Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa, in the middle of the Equator and has a surface area of 582,650 square kilometres. The population is approx. 34,700,000 of which approx. 5 million live in the capital of Nairobi.

The weather ranges from constant heat to the more tempered climate in the middle of the country, with cool nights.

The official language in Kenya is Swahili but in addition there are 54 local tribal languages. However, in the cities most people also speak English.

Kenya is an old English colony and this is clearly visible in the country.
The judicial system, the schools, the mailboxes and the electrical plugs are characterized by the English monarchy.

The school system in Kenya works in almost the same way as in England. The children do 8 years of Primary school and in addition to that, 4 years of Secondary school. After that it is possible to go to university