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The Presentation/Lecture

The Presentation/Lecture.


Jambo Shule is now ready with a presentation/lecture about our work.


The lecture takes us through a brief review of Kenya's culture and history, as well as its current situations and challenges. You will also be introduced to the making of a modern NGO that will not succumb to large organizations, but will focus on the individual child and try to make "a small difference in a big world"


There will be an explanation of what a Fair Trade NGO is and how we complicate our real work by standing by our principles.


Finally we go through our real work in Kenya ranging from slum children to the orphans in a new safe environment at a boarding school. We talk about Rotary and the local selection committee's role in Kisii, and then we explain what we do to avoid corruption and allegations of child trafficking.


The presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes, with the opportunity for posing questions. We like to travel around the country and should you want to book a presentation, please do write to us in our contact form.