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A study of a day school

One day in Kisii we were invited to Bosire Academy Primary School. It is a private day school run on few funds. We thought it was an interesting opportunity to see the Kenyan school system and learn the difference between boarding and day schools. So we accepted the invitation even though our program was fully booked.



In true African style our visit started in the principals office but already when we passed the classrooms we could see the children sitted in their fine red uniforms and excited.


While we were in the principals office we were told about the school and we wrote in the guestbook. Through the window we could see the children running past and by the time we got outside we were surprised that the school could gather 500 pupils quicker than we could get out of the door. All the children were in the schoolyard welcoming us with songs and speeches. There was no doubt that the children had been looking forward to our visit.


Later we went round to the classrooms. It was almost like Beatles hysteria. They were fighting to say hello to us but after a while they went back to their seats and we tried to teach them the Danish letters æ ø å which brought about a lot of laughter.


The school compete with other big boarding schools which have adequate teaching materials. Out of all the schools in Kisii they were fourth which is quite remarkable. Jambo Shule finds no reason to help this school because it is doing so well. As good gesture the school wanted us to find a new name for the school but we agreed that the best name was the one it already had.