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Frequently Asked Questions

1: What does Jambo Shule mean?


Jambo Shule means 'Hello school' in Swahili.


2: Does Jambo Shule have their own school?


No, we believe that in order to have your own school in Kenya, you must live and work there. We do however, find a local boarding school that meets the individual needs of each pupil, both socially and educationally.


3: How does Jambo Shule ensure that the money are used for the right purposes?


We do that by paying all the bills ourselves once a year, when one of us are in Kenya. Thus leaving no payments to third parties.


4: What can Jambo Shule do better compared to the big organizations?


We believe that our concept has gto the main focus on the children. Our concept cuts a lot of intermediaries away and saves expenses, which can then be used for the children. The direct contact with the locals causes at the same time, that the money ends up right where we what them to be.


5: Doesn't Jambo Shule have any administration costs?


We keep our administration costs down to a minimum. We do avoid the rent and wages, although we still have expenses for audit, legal fees, VAT etc..


6: Why is it not possible to sponsor one single child at Jambo Shule?


We have chosen to sponsor a group of children as administration costs for the so-called "one-to-one sponsorships" are very expensive. In addition, a boarding school sponsorship costs between DKK 5.000 and DKK 8.000 per year.


7: How are the children selected?


We have a local committee in Kisiithe fact that, who selects . The criteria is that the children must be orphans or disadvantaged in other ways. The Committee may not choose someone from its own family.


8: I have some old clothes - dosen’t Jambo Shule want them?


We would like to, but that is unfortunately not possible. Besides the fact that, the transportation is expensive, Kenya has got strict import rules for second-hand clothes, as the textile industry is very big in Kenya.


9: Is there any point at all in helping Africa and shouldn't you give the money to the places where you get the most out of them?


As in many other African countries, the development in Kenya is in a thundering progress at the moment. We believe that we get the best value here, as we can be present in Kenya, keeping administrative costs down and simultaneously ensuring that the money is used properly.


10: Why doesn't  Jambo Shule join forces with one of the major



We believe that many small local projects give a better result than a few big ones. As a small NGO we can maintain an intimacy with the project.


11: What is an NGO?


NGO is abbreviated by the English Non Goverment Organisation (non governmental organization) but actually we also are a NPO, a Non Profit Organization.


12: What is a slum?


Slums are poor districts in a big city. It has entered the Danish language from English where the origin is unknown. The slum has a higher density of population, a lower standard of housing and poorer access to public services than other residential neighborhoods in a city. Often are pictures seen of areas with tin shacks, but slums can easily have houses of stone and concrete.


13: How does the payment for Jambo Shule work?


You get a Giro inpayment form sent.  If you choose donations of several steps the next bill will come from an automated payment service.


14: Why is there a focus on boarding school children and not regular school children considering the fact that they could get more children to school for the same money?


For us it is important that the children we choose to send to school actually go to school even when we are not there. In this way we ensure that they are not kept at home to work or the like. At the boarding school we also ensure that they get food three times a day and not least they get a safe environment and  are allowed to be a children with time for sports and playing games.


15: Is a Jambo Shule not afraid that the children lose the bond to friends and  family when they go to boarding school?


No, all children are attending boarding schools that are located close to their guardian's or family's home. This means that the child can get a visit at the school.


16: Why is it not possible call Jambo Shule?


Evreryone who works voluntarily for Jambo Shule also has a full-time job  with variable working hours so telephone hours would be difficult to sustain. However, you are welcome to send us an email and we will be more that happy to call you back.


17: How do I aplpy to Jambo Shule for help?


At the moment Jambo Shule programms are full and doesn't accept new applications for help.