What is Jambo Shule

Help to disabled kids

Together with our partner, Kawangware Urumwe Youth Group, Jambo Shule has created a "self-help" project for disabled children in the Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

The group operates a small center in a classroom in the slum. This is the daily life of 30 children whose disabilities range from blind, mute and deaf to autism, physical brain damage and developmental disabilities.

Education of disabled children in Kenya is rare, and children and young people with special needs often have very limited opportunities for development.

Therefore, Jambo Shule installed a small internet café at the Kawangware Urumwe Youth Group, which aims to generate income for the project with disabled children, so it will be possible to teach and activate these children.

The project also includes a support group for parents where they via the internet cafe can seek information about a life with a disabled child and help each other with care and education when needed.

Jambo Shule also made a campaign in the slum. A flyer in Swahili and red noses for the children in the slum informed about handicapped children's rights to schooling. Jambo Shule also delivered special toys to activate the handicapped children and last but not least 18 kg of LEGO donated by the LEGO Foundation.


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