What is Jambo Shule

Urban gardens


There are many mouths to feed at a school in the slum and often the school food is the only meal a child gets during the day. Everybody knows that if you're hungry, you don't have a lot of energy for learning and that's why Jambo Shule, with help from the Okios foundation, built a kitchen garden behind the school this year.

We started the project by building a concrete foundation for the big water tanks and install a rainwater system with two big tanks of 5000 litres each. After that the hardest work was in making the big plastic bags, which the kitchen garden consists of. A core of gravel in the middle of the bag was to help distribute the water evenly into the mixture of dirt and manure.

The bags were twice as big as we expected, but we still managed to get a total of 18 bags built in the kitchen garden.

The work turned out to be tough, so we hired some young men to make the mixture and transport it to the back of the school, where room had been made for the project.

The moms of the children at the school was also ready to assist with both the building of the plant bags and the planting of cabbage, spinach, sweet potatoes, onions and bell pebres.

Because Urban Garden is a part of the Kenyan governments policy to try and get the local community in the slums to sustain themselves, we were offered assistance and guidance from The ministry of Agriculture, who made sure that the project met all requirements.