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Jambo Shule’s current projects

Renovation of Kawangware Nursery School
This year, Jambo Shule continued the renovation work after the fire at Kawangware Nursery School, which is located in the middle of the Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
With many activities for children as well as adults, the school provides a gathering point for the people living in the slum. The school has existed for 57 years, and it is owned and operated by locals. It was a great loss when the school burned down three years ago, and three of the school's classrooms were destroyed in a fire caused by a defective photovoltaic. The fire also destroyed the concrete floor and the furniture.

Last year, Jambo Shule renovated and donated furniture to one of the classrooms. This year, we were able to replace the damaged roofs of the two remaining classrooms with brand new roofs. We also had the opportunity to paint and prepare the classrooms, and all the school's five classrooms are now ready to for use for the people living in the slum. One of the rooms will function as an activity center for the locals, who are very excited about the school.

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Activation Center for the disabled children in the slum
Through John Kariuki Ngethe, Jambo Shule met a group of disabled children living in the slum of Kawangware. We met around 50 children whose disabilities range from autism, blindness, deafness, muteness, physical brain damage and developmental disabilities. Schooling and education of disabled children in Kenya is rare, and children and young people with special needs often have very limited opportunities for development. John Kariuki Ngethe is part of Kawangware Urumwe Youth Group, which is working for human rights and fighting for better living conditions in the slums, including the conditions of disabled children. The Youth Group wants these children to become a part of the society just like other Kenyan children.

This year, Jambo Shule started a small project in the slum for the children with disabilities. The goal is to activate the children, so that they will be able to go to school. The spirit of self-help drives the project. Therefore, an activation center at Kawangware Day Nursery Community School is provided for the families. The room has special toys to activate the disabled children, including 18 kg LEGO donated by the LEGO Foundation. Furthermore, it is possible to train the children’s motor skills in this room. The goal is that the project eventually will be self-sufficient. As a means to reach this goal, Jambo Shule will open an internet café and use the profit to finance the project. The project also includes a support group for parents. Via the internet café, the parents can seek information about their child’s handicap, help each other with care and finally share information and their experiences with each other.

Jambo Shule did a campaign in January 2015 for the people living in the slum. The goal was to inform people about different types of handicaps – and most important that every Kenyan deserves the chance to have an education.


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Boarding School Children
Thanks to Jambo Shule, six children from the Kisii district in Kenya are attending boarding school. Four years ago, a local committee selected Violet, Rose, Veronika, Stephen, David and Franklin, because they all have lost one or both parents. The children’s guardians cannot provide for their schooling, and Jambo Shule chose boarding school for them to ensure that they actually attend school, even when we are not in Kenya. We also ensure that the children get everything they need, because we purchase their textbooks, uniforms, everything for
their personal hygiene and make sure, that they have enough money for food for the entire year.

Through the past four years, the children have grown to become independent individuals. The plan is to follow them all the way through the Kenyan school system until they are ready to get a job.




New child from the Kawangware slum
From 2015, Jambo Shule has decided to
support a community school student from the Kawangware slum. John Kariuki Ngethe is our partner in Kawangware Urumwe Youth Group, and he is working voluntarily for Jambo Shule. Although he and his family lives in the slum under difficult conditions, he has never asked for assistance from Jambo Shule. Since Jambo Shule do not pay him any money for his hard work in the organization, we have decided to help him in a different way: with the schooling of his 15-year-old son James, who attends form two at St Peters Boys High School Uthiru. James’ dream is to become a journalist, and he is working hard in school to achieve his goal.


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Tailoring school for Violet
Previously, Jambo Shule supported a 17-years old girl in the
apprenticeship as a tailor. Violet dropped out of school at an early age since both her parents died and she had to take care of her younger siblings. She went on maternity leave last year when she gave birth to the most beautiful little baby, and for now, she does not have the energy to start tailoring school. When Violet is ready, Jambo Shule is looking forward to welcoming her back to school again.




The internet is a part of many Kenyans’ lives, and we have chosen to protect our children by not sharing personal information about them on the internet. If you wish to know more about them, please feel free to ask us. You can also receive more information by subscribing to our newsletter.