Inspiration behind African Art

African art is most based on tribal doctrines, social ideologies and religious/magical believes. It is the fusion of these concepts and talents of African artists that has created outstanding artwork that is celebrated across the world. Artistic interpretation, when not constrained by enforced or perceived guidelines, often leads to brilliant new works formed from old and true sentiment. The Unity Table, crafted in Ghana for example is a selection designed after the wide spread African belief that “if everyone works together as a village and supports each other they can acomplish anything.” The MaKonde of Tanzania have the “Tree of Life” art piece that expresses the same ideal.

Ghana craftsman have configured this selection by carving 9 individual wooden figures and inter-linking them together to form a very sturdy and functional table. If no top has been permanently affixed upon the top the device, when lifted by top head, it will collapse with the figures still joining. The 9 head table is a bit harder to find than the version that is made from 5 linking people. The Unity is hand made from a native hardwood.

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